Words and Silences the journal of the IOHA, is seeking contributions for the 2009 issue, articles, reviews of books, films, plays or other performances or exhibits that rely on oral history.


Contributions may be written in English or Spanish (or both, which would save us translation work). Use Word for windows 95 or later. In short pieces please include references, if necessary, in the text and not as footnotes. For longer pieces, place footnotes at the end, as text and not in the automatic format.


(a) Author (first and last name), Title (bold if a book, “in quotes if an article, diss, etc.”), Publication data (Place, Publisher, date if book; name of journal in bold, no. and date if article), p. or pp.

(b) Subsequent references: Author’s last name, shortened title, p. or pp.

(c) Interviews: Interviewee’s full name, interviewed by (interviewer’s full name), place, date, reference to collection if any. Please email your article as an attachment to: Wordsand [email protected] or [email protected]

The DEADLINE for receipt of contributions is 1 February 2014. Please pass this request on to other oral historians.


English: Helen Klaebe – [email protected]

Spanish: Juan José Gutiérrez – [email protected]; [email protected]