Dear readers,

Welcome to the new issue of IOHA’s Bulletin, focused on presenting projects and discussions related to oral history.

First of all, we would gladly like to communicate that a venue has been chosen to host the 18 Conference of the Association. On this occasion, the chosen city is Barcelona, Spain. People over there have already begun preparations for the event. In due time, we will include more information, both in future issues of the Bulletin and on our website.

The present issue brings us closer to the work being done in several countries, all of which confirms a healthy activity with regard to the devising of oral history projects. We have included texts on projects developed by historians Andrea Casa Nova Maia and Lise Sedrez in the city of Rio de Janeiro; Kratka Lenka’s text on the ever intense presence of oral history in the Czech Republic; an assessment of the promising first meeting of the Portuguese Oral History Network; and a proposal for collaboration in an interesting biographical collection website in Europe. As for upcoming events, we include information on the next meeting of our colleagues in South Africa.

Finally, in the reviews section, you will find texts on “Queer Oral History”, by Nan Alamilla and Horacio N. Roque Ramírez, and on the book “Entreverse. Teoría y metodología práctica de las fuentes orales “, coordinated by Miren Llona.

Thank you for your attention and we hope you find the reading interesting.

The Editors

David Beorlegui (text in spanish) [email protected]  / [email protected]
Christina Landsman (text in english)  [email protected]