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New Oral History Book Published

After over 20 years in the making, Our Whole Gwich’in Way of Life Has Changed / Gwich’in K’yuu Gwiidandài’ Tthak Ejuk Gòonlih Stories from the People of the Land (by Leslie McCartney and Gwich’in Tribal Council) has been...

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IOHA Supports Oral Historians in Conflict Zones

IOHA Supports Oral Historians in Conflict Zones  The International Oral History Association would like to draw attention to restraints placed on oral historians who are trying to operate in regions where significant political...

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News from the Czech Republic

As some of you may already know, 2019 was a special one for us as it was the year of the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. Not only have we published a second edition of the One Hundred Student Revolutions from 1999,...

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Two New Publications by Routledge

Transcribing Oral History by Teresa Bergen and published by Routledge, offers a comprehensive guide to the transcription of qualitative interviews, an often richly debated practice within oral history. Beginning with an...

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IOHA is an inclusive organisation and values the safety of all its conference participants.  Concerns have been raised about the 2020 IOHA Conference being held in Singapore due to their laws that deem sex between men illegal,...

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IOHA’s New Logo

IOHA has a new logo! The new design was created by IOHA Council members Saeideh Mahrami and Samir Ketf.

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