Category: Volume 20:1

Letter from the President

Dear colleagues, I would like to use again this opportunity and space offered to me on the pages of our Newsletter to greet you and to give you my best wishes. My role as the president of the IOHA (as with the Association’s...

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The World of Words

Future Conferences and Meetings BUENOS AIRES 2012 17th International Conference of Oral History, IOHA, Buenos Aires, 4-7 September 2012 Less than a year to the 17th International Conference of the IOHA in Buenos Aires, the local...

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Face to Face

Oral History Conferences and Workshops Mexico   WORKSHOP ON THE RECOVERY OF HISTORICAL MEMORY, 24 September 2011 A workshop called ‘The Recovery of Historical Memory’ was held by Laura Benadiba, President of the ‘Other Memories’...

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From Page to Mouth

Oral History Projects COLOMBIA   Oral History Laboratory, Colombia HISTORALAB From our blog, we will begin to build the project website of the Oral History Laboratory’s Historalab, to be based in Colombia. We will shortly...

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