Welcome to the June issue of the Newsletter of the IOHA. Firstly, we wish to mention the irreparable loss the world of oral history faces with the death of Ronald Fraser. In her tribute piece, Professor Mercedes Vilanova reminds us of the significance of his work. Secondly, we would like to highlight the great expectations that are being raised worldwide, and especially in Latin America, with the imminent commencement of the XVII International Oral History Conference in Buenos Aires. From our part, we would like to encourage everyone to join us in these days of intense work which will take place during the first week of September. Next, we would also like to congratulate the Center for Public History (CPH), at the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, India, for holding its oral history conference with more than 170 participants. We also want to highlight the workshops/seminars that have taken place in Panama and Seville, which have been coordinated by Professors Marcela Camargo and Laura Benadiva, respectively.

We are also proud to include here the review of the documentary collection “Discipline and resistance: Forced Labour in Franco’s Spain”, created by Memoriaren Bideak/Eguzki Bideoak, as well as the announcement of various oral history projects in Brazil, Spain and Argentina.

As always, the Newsletter of the IOHA has contributions that come from around the world. Whether it is a past or upcoming conference, the update of an ongoing research project or a literature review of a book, we are happy to receive your articles. These contributions are important for making this publication an important tool, in order to enable the exchange of information by those who practice oral history.

Miren Llona (Spanish text) | [email protected]
Christopher Paetzold (English text) | [email protected]

Co-editors, IOHA Newsletter