GUATEMALACover Page Rebel Memories
Rebel Memories Against Oblivion. Paasantzilla Txumb’al Ti’ Stzeb’al f’u’l.
Author: La Cuerda, Plataforma Agraria
AVANCSO, 2008.
Reviewed by Guadalupe Rodriguez de Ita [email protected]

Text. This book recovers the oral testimony of 28 mayan women, mostly ixiles, ages between 30 and 60, participants of the armed struggle of the 1980’s in Guatemala as combatants of the Ho Chi Minh Front of the Guerrilla Army of the Poor (EGP). These group of women were not included in the demobilization lists, hence not receiving official recognition and compensation.
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Antillean Galicia: Formation and Construction of Galician Identity in Cuba, 1899 – 1968
Author: José Antonio Vidal Rodríguez.  Collection Galicia Exterior. Consello da Cultura Galega / Fundación Pedro Barrié de la Maza. 2008

The central theme of this work os the process of construction of the Gallician regional identity in the island of Cuba, as well as its societal and political mobilization. The study is based on 145 oral histories recorded in Cuba, and archival and statistical documents, Spanish and Cuban census, and newsletters, Cuban and Gallician Press in the island as well as a thorough bibliography.

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Fighting is Your Life. A Portrait of none Republican Combatant Women by Carlos Fernández.
Fundación Domingo Malagón, Madrid, 2007.

The new main characters of historian Carlos Fernández Rodríguez’s book, Fighting is Your Life. A Portrait of none Republican Combatant Women, Isabel Alvarado Sánchez, Concha Carretero Sanz, Cecilia Cerdeño Cifuentes, Pilar Claudin Ponce, Juana Doña Jiménez, Mercedes Gómez Otero, Carmen Moreno Berzal, Faustina Romeral Cervantes and Isabel Sanz Toledano, are a sample of the testimony of hundreds of committed women, fighting for, and loyal to their ideals and political conceptions, combating against any type of totalitarian and dictatorial imposition.

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Cover Page Fighting is Your Life

War, Judgment, And Memory In The Basque Borderlands, 1914-1945
Author: Sandra Ott: University of Nevada Press.
ISBN: 978-0874177381

Cover Page War Judgment and MemoryWar and occupation test the resilience of local values and institutions anywhere in the world and often undermine accepted standards of human behavior. Basque communities in Iparralde were no exception. Between 1914 and 1945, two world wars, civil war in Spain, and the turbulent interwar years had a profound impact upon Basque society. After the Great War, which sent many northern Basques into Hegoalde and to the Americas,  labor unrest, class conflict, world-wide depression and the rise of fascism brought additional stress to Basque society.

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Here – Notes from the Present”

“Here – Notes from the Present” is a magazine launched in Italy to gather testimonies, descriptions, observations, and reflections about the private-public times we live in, in whatever forms writing allows for: notes, poetry, stories, letters, essays, diary entries, and so on. Starting from the February 2005 issue, and favoring one of the forms it has always pursued, the magazine has become a diary (though a diary interspersed with brief essays and some literary prose), is published in English too, and its collaborators are people from different countries in the world, people for whom writing is a daily, at times professional, activity, as well as persons for whom it is only an occasional, infrequent pursuit; in a word, intellectuals and non-intellectuals. The magazine comes out both on paper and on the Internet every four months.

Cover Page Here Journal

( Whoever would like to collaborate will be welcome, and will write, of course, what he or she prefers; but in selecting writings, we will prefer those reflections and life experiences that are not the most ‘original’, but the most incisive, revealing and free.

The latest issue is entitled “Human Fellowship” and includes diary entries from Gaza, China, Israel, Cuba, Italy, Ukraine and Russia, the United States, Great Britain; poems by Giacomo Leopardi, Marco Saya, T.S. Eliot, Jaime Gil de Biedma, César Vallejo, Ennio Abate; excerpts from “The New York Times”, “CNN International”, “La Repubblica”; “Notes” by Massimo Parizzi”; a passage from a letter by Etty Hillesum.

Anyone who would like to receive a paper copy or take out a three-issue subscription can place a credit card order via fax or phone (0039-02-57406574) or via e-mail ( [email protected]) providing us with card number, expiration date, and security code. A single issue costs 10 Euros (13 $US), and a three-issue subscription 30 Euros (29 $US) in Europe and the Mediterranean area, or 35 Euros (45 $US) in the rest of the world; however, reduced-price subscriptions are available, and a complementary sample copy of one of the most recent issues can be requested.