Following the wonderful meeting in Guadalajara and excited about the creation of the new website, we start in our new position as editors of the IOHA Bulletin. We would like to thank Pilar Domínguez and Don Ritchie for their support as we embark on our journey. We are aware of the challenges that await in replacing them: over the past four years, through hard work and dedication, they have consolidated this bulletin.

We hope that we will not disappoint our readership. To achieve this, we ask for the continued help of those who have been involved in putting together this bulletin. We would also encourage those who have not participated in this chain of communication to share over the internet their opinions, news and information. We also hope that the diversity of subjects and methods of accessing memory that were present in Guadalajara continue to be expressed in the Bulletin over the next two years. Indeed, one of our primary aims is that this publication becomes the line of communication that helps us stay connected until the next meeting in Prague in 2010. Similarly, we believe that this Bulletin is the most direct manner for not losing touch with each other and for reminding ourselves that we can continue breathing in the richness of projects as well as novel initiatives and interesting meetings that we will participate in. This information will also help our association’s growth and livelihood.

The IOHA Bulletin will continue to include news relating to our work as oral historians. Conferences and meetings will be announced. We will share with the world the work we have undertaken in conferences and reunions. The Bulletin is also a wonderful showcase to present current projects and recent publications. As it is published on the Internet, the Bulletin can include graphic, sound and video material.

We would especially welcome the various interest groups that met in Guadalajara to use the Bulletin as a channel to focus their debates and thoughts. It is likely that many new doubts and many challenges that Oral History will have to face in the short term are being seen and discussed by these interest groups. Indeed, questions concerning new digital technologies and the art of interviewing, gender, elaborating history, difficulties in archiving memories during a time of intense focus on the present, globalization, world inequalities and their effect on intangible heritage in the world. In short, there are many topics that require reflection. We hope that the bulletin will be able give these issue direction and visibility.