Email and the Internet make this international newsletter possible, and although we editors are in regular contact electronically, we rarely meet face to face between IOHA meetings. We had that opportunity when the Oral History Association met in Oakland, California, and also to meet Juan José Gutierrez, who handles the translations, and Maria Valladares, who redesigned the newsletter’s appearance. We greatly appreciate their assistance, and their good ideas. We are also grateful for the articles that we have received from so many IOHA members. If you are planning to hold an oral history meeting, have attended an interesting conference, have launched or completed a notable project, developed an archives, or come across some meaningful new literature or web sites, please let us know. We continue to depend on you for making this an effective means of sharing information about oral history around the world.




Hospicio Cabañas, Guadalajara, Mexico

While we can communicate electronically across the miles, we count on the opportunity of reconnecting personally at the biennial meetings, to listen to the speakers and panelists, to discuss the issues they raise, and to meet informally and share common interests between the sessions. We look forward, therefore, to seeing as many of you as possible when the IOHA meets in Guadalajara, Mexico, in September.

Don Ritchie (English text)[email protected]
Pilar Domínguez (Spanish text)[email protected]

Co-editors, IOHA News