his is our last newsletter as IOHA council members, since our terms expire at the meeting in Mexico. Over the past two years since the Sydney conference, we have reached out to a large number of oral history associations and researchers through this online bulletin. From these pages, we have circulated information about national oral history conferences and supported their activities. These meetings have taken place in various parts of the world, especially in the Americas (Brazil, USA, Mexico, and Panama), as well as in Europe, where new oral history associations have formed in Portugal and the Czech Republic.

IOHA Conference LogoNonetheless, there are many more oral historians throughout the world that we still need to reach. We hope that the next IOHA conference in Guadalajara, Mexico will further achieve this goal as well as further consolidating the association’s bilingual commitment.

We personally would like to extend our appreciation to the Getulio Vargas Foundation in Brazil for supporting the webpage and the foundation’s web administrators for creating and maintaining the site.We also want to thank Juan Jose Gutierrez for his assistance in preparing the newsletter and in coordinating translations as well as our translators, Maria Valladares (English to Spanish) and Chris Paetzold (Spanish to English). In addition, we are grateful for the cooperation of all those who have sent us their articles and, of course, the wholehearted support of our president Alistair Thompson.

Don Ritchie (English text) – [email protected]
Pilar Domínguez (Spanish text)- [email protected]
Co-editors, IOHA News