As you may collect from this newsletter, we continue engaged and active. The last semester has seen many developments take place with many more to come. We would like to emphasize the importance of the Third International Meeting of Oral History entitled  “Rescuing our Peoples’ Memory”, held in February in Nicaragua. The workshops demonstrated the interest and maturity that Oral History’s has reached throughout Latin America. The South American continent continues to develop and delve deeper into the field of Oral History. The remaining Oral History meetings due to take place this year in Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina and Mexico provide ample proof of the growing interest.

We also wish to highlight the important work, projects and research studies being carried out in Spain aimed at raising attention on the Civil War of 1936 and the ensuing Francoist repression. We have established a panel to raise national awareness among all our international peers of the various initiatives underway to enrich this reassessment and reconstructive experience in historical memory. Our UK colleagues, led by Alicia Pozo-Gutiérrez and Padmini Broomfield, are also carrying out “Los Niños” project with memories of children refugees from the Spanish Civil War. Also from Europe, Italy announced the second annual meeting of Oral History on the theme of memory, work and labour and the International Congress of Genoa.

In this issue, we also include Laura Benadiba’s interesting interview with Guillermo Clarke, Program Coordinator of the Oral History Archives for the Province of Buenos Aires who describes the pioneering Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Oral History Project aimed at recovering a traumatic memory, organized in protest. Oceania remains one of the vibrant leading areas in the world of Oral History. The XVI Congress of the Oral History Association of Australia has been slated for next September in Tasmania.

The USA and Canada continue to host many Oral History projects and programs. The American Association of Oral History announces in this issue their conference to be held at Louisville, Kentucky, from October 14 -18, 2009. The Oral History Association of Canada is also continuing its pioneering work in publishing journals in digital formats.
Finally, we would like to thank all the IOHA collaborators for submitting informational items and especially the reviews of recently published books. This dynamism keeps us all up to date.

If you are planning to hold an Oral History event, have attended an interesting conference, launched or completed a noteworthy project, developed archives, literature or found any Internet sites of interest, please let us know. We count on you to make this an effective means of sharing information on Oral History across the globe.

Juan José Gutiérrez (English text) – [email protected]
Miren Llona (Spanish text)- [email protected]
Co-editors, IOHA News