As the time for the Prague 2010 conference fast approaches, we can feel and share the excitement and anticipation from all different corners of the world where oral history is present. We congratulate the organizers for the extraordinary response and interest generated by the conference, particularly during this time of trying global economic conditions.

As we have done in the past, this issue includes information on fascinating applications of oral history, such as it is the case of Venezuela that will be hosting the next international conference following the very successful meeting in Mexico earlier this year.

During the last six months there have been events that deserve particular mention and congratulations, particularly the celebration of the birth of two new associations of Oral History. The Association of Oral History of the North of Argentina (AHONA) and the Nicaraguan Association of Oral History (ANIHO). Latin America has been particularly active organizing and disseminating work, as demonstrated in workshops and projects taking place in Panama, Venezuela, and Argentina, to name a few.

On the other hand we have an opportunity to profile in this issue the different activities taking place in the Basque Country and Navarra. On the one hand the Gernika Gogoratuz Association, informing our readership of the meetings held last Spring looking for links between life, memory and preservation of peace. On the other, from Navarra we are informed of a major development project in the construction of the Archive of Immaterial Assets of Navarra, a project in between oral history and ethnography.

If you are planning to hold an oral history meeting or if you are working on a project we would like to encourage you to submit your materials. The next issue is the one that precedes the next conference in Prague, and it would be a great opportunity to build interest and anticipation for your projects and associations.

Juan José Gutiérrez (English text) – [email protected]
Miren Llona (Spanish text)- [email protected]
Co-editors, IOHA News