In these times of global economic crisis and financial problems for almost everyone, I believe that solidarity among peoples is essential. As a result of its international scope, our Association can help forge bonds of solidarity that move beyond political disputes through teaching and research related to oral history.

During times of limited resources, we should take better advantage of the enormous possibilities that the Internet offers. Increasing communication between IOHA members, disseminating information through our website and sharing resources online are just a few examples of the possibilities.    In this respect to this, I encourage everyone to actively participate in the IOHA through our website. I particularly welcome members to participate in open debates, such as the one started by Sean Field on the role of oral history. New initiatives that help researchers using Oral History methodology should also be encouraged.

The bulletin, as you can see, has become a useful tool for sharing information and meetings organized by associations , seminars and other groups. From these pages, I would like to thank the editors Juan José Gutierrez and Miren Llona, as well as bulletin’s translators.

The organization of the IOHA conference in Prague in July 2010 is moving forward. Thanks to the ongoing dedication by members of the Czech Committee, Vanek Mirek, his team from the Czech Association of Oral History (COHA) and with the support of IOHA council members, we now have a working website for the conference: . In Prague, our colleagues also have had to overcome problems created by current economic difficulties. As a result, changes have been made in the venue location of the Conference and the maintenance of the website, which has resulted in some delays in finalizing conference details. Despite these small setbacks, I am convinced that the next conference will be a tremendous success. From these pages, I encourage everyone to submit both paper and panel proposals for the Conference which will be the meeting point for our association.

In relation to conference, the Council’s Grant Commission has already drafted the financial support application for those who do not have the financial means to attend the Conference. These funds are limited in number and amount.

Finally, I encourage everyone to submit paper and panel proposals in English or Spanish for our upcoming conference.  This event is an important event for the exchange of ideas, but also a biennial meeting place for our association. I also wish to remind everyone that the IOHA website grows with everyone’s participation and is open to your suggestions.

Pilar Domínguez [email protected]
IOHA President