Dear reader.

Welcome to the new edition of IOHA newsletter.

For the last two years, we have attempted to provide a variety of works from different places and countries. In this issue, we include different text which are almost as varied as the countries they come from: South Africa, Spain, Nigeria, Arab Emirates, Austria or Cuba.

Soon, the Newsletter editorial team could be modified after our next IOHA Conference, which will take place 9-12 July in Barcelona, with a session of master classes scheluded for the 8th. (program available at

We would like to congratulate one more time the local organizers for the excellent work they are doing.

We conclude this brief editorial, but not without our best wishes first, for the next editors.

We hope you have liked our job, thank you to follow us for this two years.

The Editors.

David Beorlegui.
Christina Landsman.