Bulletin of the International Oral History Association (Published twice a year)

Volume 21:1,

January 2013

Dear reader,

After an energizing experience in Buenos Aires, we are ready to start this new phase of the newsletter. We would not want to start without first thanking the former editors, Miren Llona and Chris Paetzold for their contributions during the last couple of years.

This issue includes reports from our colleagues organizing the BA conference, as well as related reflections from M. Vanek, former president, and D. Ritchie, a regular contributor to this newsletter. We have also included texts related to the 9th South African Oral History Association Conference as well as on the 10th Meetings of Oral History and Sources in Spain and reviews for the book “The Oxford Handbook of Oral History” and the documentary “The Quartier” authored by the young historian H. Gibb Lastly, We would like to mention that we welcome with enthusiasm the news of the creation of a new association of Oral History in India. We wish them the best of lucks. We look forward to meeting you again in our next issue, with a firm decision to continue utilizing this Newsletter as a tool for the diffusion and enjoyment of oral historians across the world.

David Beorlegui ( texts in spanish) | [email protected]

Christina Landsman (texts in english) | [email protected] Co-editors, IOHA News