Dear colleagues,

I would like to use again this opportunity and space offered to me on the pages of our Newsletter to greet you and to give you my best wishes.

My role as the president of the IOHA (as with the Association’s Council)  has swung into its second half. The main task for all of us today and in the near future is to successfully prepare and manage the Seventeeth IOHA Conference in Buenos Aires in collaboration with the Argentine Oral History Association AHORA (Asociación de Historia Oral de la República Argentina).

Prior to the deadline, we received over 300 paper proposals in English and over 600 in Spanish and, at  the end of November, the evaluation committee reviewed and came to a decision about accepted papers.

Despite tiny communication problems we have managed, mainly thanks to the efforts of our Argentine colleagues, to make considerable progress in the organization of the congress. Our friends from Argentina deserve a big thank you from all the members of the IOHA Council. Also, thanks to Liliana Barela’s and Adriana Echezuri’s endeavors, the Argentine consulates are doing good job in promoting the event.

The IOHA’s journal Words & Silences has gone online and the last year’s issue (vol. 5, n. 2, November 2010) is already downloadable from the site. I suppose that this year’s issue will appear online soon, too. My congratulations to our colleagues Juan Jose Gutiérrez and Helen Klaebe for their outstanding work!

Speaking of the website of our Association, this important communication platform is going through substantial changes, too. We began a process of renovating and updating the current website in order for our Association’s online presence to become more dynamic and “alive”. IOHA has also created a Facebook page which has had considerable success – articles and other links are regularly added and there are about 100 daily visitors. Chris Paetzold, whom I want to thank, has made major part of this fruitful work.

Good news also from the IOHA’s scholarship fund. A number of scholarships for oral historians and scholars from least economically developed countries will be available again next year.

Inviting you to contribute with oral history news from your part of the World to our Newsletter, I remain, yours sincerely

Miroslav Vaněk

[email protected]
IOHA President