Dear colleagues and friends:

I would like to greet you again after some time and give you my best wishes. This is the last time I have the honour to do so through this platform as the IOHA President. Along with other members of the Association´s Council I am approaching the end of my term which will culminate  with the upcoming 17th IOHA conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the days 3rd – 7th September 2012. The Council and I believe that our conference will be successful and will contribute to further prosperity of our organization.

Despite limited possibilities, we managed to support with scholarships some colleagues from both the traditional IOHA countries and from some less-developed countries, so that they may participate in the conference. IOHA awarded ten scholarships to scholars from the Americas, Europe, Australia and Africa.

In order to make IOHA more visible and to attract more interest, the IOHA website has been given a new “face”. Apart from the redesign, which I believe has made great strides, the site should now provide sufficient and easily available information to all interested parties and to link individual members and groups across the continents by virtue of common interests, projects, new publications, etc.

I am also happy to state that there are new emerging oral history associations around the world: the Greek Oral History Association and Iceland Oral History Association are forming and will soon join IOHA. The Indian Oral History Association has formed and will soon hold its first meeting. Oral historians in Qatar are interested in joining IOHA, too.

To conclude, I would like to take the opportunity to thank both IOHA vice-presidents as well as all the Council members for the work they have done for IOHA in last two years. I am positive that everyone has done what they could for the association and for that they deserve my great thanks.

I wish to all oral historians all the best in their professional and personal life.


Miroslav Vanek [email protected]
President of the IOHA