Dear readers, IOHA members and friends.

We are looking forward for your contributions and, therefore, know, discuss and spread the research that is been done in the world.

Through means of the online edition of Words and Silences we look for the largest number of readers and widen discussion about the contents of each edition of the Journal. We hope that you can continue to contribute to the Journal, where many dialogues and thoughts have been originated from different parts of the world, and also have enriched the work of those who practice oral history.

The Journal has reached VOL. 20 thanks to the effort of the editors that have been working for its consolidation of different periods. We are especially thankful to the contributors and readers that, from different places of the world, send us their reviews, works, and comments. This has favoured the expansion of the field of oral history, discussion about topics of interest that emerge among researchers, and also the development of archives and heritage that preserve oral history.

Since it was founded in 1996, IOHA has tried to find a way to achieve the objectives it was created for: becoming a forum for oral historians around the world. One of the tools to do so has been the online Journal Words and Silences, through which we have tried to get closer with all the people interested in oral history.


IOHA President.Ana María de la O Castellanos      

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