IOHA is an inclusive organisation and values the safety of all its conference participants.  Concerns have been raised about the 2020 IOHA Conference being held in Singapore due to their laws that deem sex between men illegal, as well as same sex couples adopting children.

The same laws applied when the 2016 conference was held in Bengaluru, India.  Nothing adverse occurred at this conference.

The law in Singapore applies only to actions, not to people.   It originates from the Indian Penal Code when both Singapore and India were British colonies.  In Singapore there have been no prosecutions for private conduct or for people declaring themselves as gay.

Gay activity is open and there is a gay parade.  Education Minister Ong Ye Kung has also weighed in on the issue, stressing that there is no discrimination against the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community ‘at work, housing (and) education’ in Singapore.” – Today, 18 Sep 2018

Singapore is considered a very safe place for locals and foreigners, including LGBTQI+.

This information is offered so that IOHA members and those considering attending the Singapore conference can make an informed decision about their attendance.