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17 IOHA International Oral History Conference in Buenos Aires: 4 – 7 September 2012


Less than four months to the XVII IOHA International Conference in Buenos Aires, the local committee is working non-stop to welcome the participants.

The committee has now designed its website www.baires2012.org, through which you can find a logo representing Buenos Aires as well as the diversity of its inhabitants and visitors. Through the webpage you can find information about the conference program, the cost of attendance, the accommodation facilities in Buenos Aires that we are managing, and the Conference headquarters (“Floreal Gorini” Cultural Cooperation Centre, San Martín Cultural Center, and Casa del Virrey Liniers). The centres are all located in the civic center of Buenos Aires.

In the conference program that we are organizing, there will be lectures held on 3rd September, which will be given by leading experts such as Rob Perks, Sean Field and Juan José Gutierrez (in English) and Daniel James, Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui, Ada Lara Marina Meza, Verena Alberti and Amilcar Araujo Pereira (in Spanish). The program also includes keynote sessions and various thematic panels that are being planned, which will address methodology, ethics, gender, diversity, inequality and identity construction issues. We will be joined by Elisabeth Jelin, who will give the inaugural speech.

To promote interaction, we are organizing parallel sessions in a manner which would allow participants to attend presentations by other participants. In short, we aim to consolidate the quality of the presentations at this conference, and to enable the possibility of providing points of contact between researchers from around the world through plenary lectures, interest groups and panels. And, of course, we wish to create opportunities for exchanging knowledge and experiences, including excursions to the city, welcome and farewell parties, as well as good conversation and moments of reflection.

As President of the local committee, it is my pride and joy to manage the hosting groups of the XVII International Conference of IOHA. Thirty years ago, in the city of Buenos Aires, I was part of the small group of historians who began to explore oral history. Today, oral history methodology has been incorporated into almost all parts of the world, from the east to the west, in big cities and small towns. And IOHA meetings have reflected this geographical and cultural diversity in places as far afield as Brazil, South Africa, Turkey, Italy, Australia, Mexico, Czech Republic, and now Argentina. On the other hand, the experience in Mexico 2008 showed us the progress being made in Latin American oral history, but above all served as a stimulus for its practice in the region. We hope that in Buenos Aires we can showcase this growth and bring to light ongoing debates, and once again, demonstrate the generative power of collective exchange. And we are putting forward the hospitality of our city and our best organizational efforts to do so.

Liliana Barela
Local committee: Baires 2012





X Conference on History and Oral Sources: NEW CHALLENGES, NEW DISCOVERIES.

26, 27 and 28 October 2012.

The X Conference on History and Oral Sources, organized by the Seminar of Oral Sources “Maria Carmen Garcia-Nieto“, hopes to explore new challenges in historical research based on oral methodologies.

We have established three branches of research to do this:

  • Firstly, the spaces of memory construction using oral methodology, to help investigate places laden with symbolism, a signifier that nests in the subjectivity of the interviewer which gives historical meaning to moments in time, and public or private spaces that have left an imprint on the collective consciousness.
  • Secondly, cultural elements that have the ability to create symbolic axes that give shape and meaning to social experience. We pursue oral testimonies in order to discover ideas and values that are embodied in concrete artifacts, practices, skills, performances, etc., and which make up the dimension of society that historians and anthropologists call culture.
  • Thirdly, given that the gender dimension will help to articulate more clearly the other two axes of this meeting, we propose the study of the genealogies of women.



Paper proposals are due by 17June  2012 and can be sent to the address of the Seminar of Oral Sources: 10th Floor, Dept. of Contemporary History, Faculty of Geography and History at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid 28040. An electronic copy can be sent by email to: [email protected]

Requirements: Word Document that includes the Title of the Paper, the summary of the paper (maximum 20 lines) and contact information.

The Organizing Committee of the Conference will respond within one month of receiving the proposal if it has been accepted.

Standards and formalization of the process: The final texts must conform to fixed standards of academic papers and must be sent before 30 September 2012, in a Word Document, by post and by email to the same address given above.